Allie is a multidisciplinary writer sharing portraits of organic agriculture, ethical businesses, slow food, homesteading, and mindful living. 

Published Works:

Acres USA. Issue 561. "A Closer Look At Animal Welfare Labelling" Printed: March 2018.

Salt Blog. Guest Post: "When Fall Comes, I Welcome Death Like A Tree." Web: October 17, 2017.

Acres USA. Issue 555. "Pasture-Based Farm Provides Mentorship for At Risk Youth." Printed: September 2017. 

Acres USA. Issue 553. "Facebook Can Save Your Farm." Printed: July 2017.

Collective Quarterly Magazine. Issue 6: Mojave. "Block Shop Textiles: caring for community through traditional craft." Printed: January 2017.

Protest Fuel: The Revolution Must Be Fed. "How to Host a Refugee For Dinner." Printed: January 2017. 

The Female Farmer Project. Guest Essay: "Millenial Farmer." Web: December 5, 2016

Comestible Journal. Issue 3: Fall. "Eating Organ Meats." Printed: October 2016.

Fellow Magazine. Journal. "Raising Pork." Web: August 10, 2016.